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Important Tips for Replacement Lamps

To extend the life of the bulb in your projector or TV. Make sure that its cleaned of internal dust every six months and to used as directed by the manufacturer. Please have a clear understanding that color problems (green or yellow hue, lines on the screen) are not related directly to lamp issues. There are many electronic… read more

What You Should Know About Aftermarket Batteries

Batteries have become one of the primary power sources of today’s technological advancements like cell phones, digital cameras, camcorders, laptops and other electronic devices. These electrochemical cells that convert the chemical energy to electrical energy have defined life span. There will always be limitations as long as there is an electrochemical process involved in the… read more

Reputable Replacement Laptop Battery Manufacturers

When dealing with replacement laptop batteries, it can be important to understand whether or not battery failure is real or if your misunderstood perception of your specific battery performance is causing you to think that you need a new laptop battery. Typically battery manufacturers specify battery performance utilizing industry-standard methods. For example, a battery that… read more

Replace Your Laptop Battery

Laptops are convenient and easy ways to work and play online. They have access to everything on the internet, as well as the ability to run everything a desktop can, without the added size and weight. One of the major downsides, though, is the fact that it runs on a battery. As long as you… read more

The Best Laptop Battery Cells

Powerwarehouse sells only the best new replacement laptop batteries guaranteed to be OEM compatible. Other companies use techniques to re-manufacture cells from an old laptop battery and essentially sell refurbished replacement laptop batteries. At Powerwarehouse we only use the best quality new laptop battery cells from Japan and Korea. Japanese and Korean lithium ion battery cells are… read more