Laptop Battery Care FAQ Tips

Lithium Ion Batteries

Q:  How can I properly prepare a new battery?

A: No specific preparation other than adding a topping is necessary.

Q: Can my Lithium Ion Batteries be damaged if not handled correctly?

A: Yes they can. To avoid abuse of your battery keep a steady stream of charge within the battery at all times, as if the charge dips too low it can harm the protection circuit.

Q: Do I need to fully charge my Laptop Battery?

A: Lithium Ion Batteries will produce and function better on a partial charge than a full charge.

Q: Is it possible to disrupt the battery’s charge cycle?

A: A partial charge will never disrupt the battery’s charge cycle. A full charge however can be disruptive to the charge supply.

Q: Should I drain the all the battery’s energy before I charge it?

A: No. Full or deep charges will cause strain on your battery and shorten its longevity.

Q: What factors influence the battery’s memory?

A: Lithium Ion Batteries do not have a memory.

Q: How are Smart batteries calibrated?

A: When the fuel gauge alerts you to inaccuracies, apply a charge/discharge and repeat every 1-3 months.

Q: Can the device be on when I charge it?

A:  It is recommended that whenever you are charging a battery you turn the device off first as failure to do so can disrupt full charge detection.

Q: Do I remove the full battery?

A: This is not necessary. The battery charger will turn off when the charge is completed.

Q: How do I properly store my battery?

A:  Never fully drain your battery of its charge and power. Store in a controlled and cool climate.

Q: My battery heats up during charging. Is this normal?

A: You may notice a light increase in heat while the battery charges and is normal.

Q: How should I charge my battery when it is cold?

A: You can safely charge your battery at any temperature above freezing.

Q: What else do I need to know about charging my battery?

A: Keep your battery stored in a cool environment. Unlike with other batteries, the Lithium Ion Batteries will not have a trickle when fully charged.

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