What’s Best for my Laptop Battery? Sleep or Hibernation Mode?

Find out what’s the best way for your Laptop Battery to either use sleep or Hibernation Mode. With these tips you will be able to use your Laptop Battery more effectively and efficiently!

Standby Mode

It’s recommend for your Laptop Battery that you use Standby Mode when you are away from your Laptop for a short period of time. What does sleep mode do? It turns off your monitor and hard disks. Also all of your applications and open flies get stored in your RAM. When you come back to your Laptop, it comes out of standby mode immediately. Your desktop will be restored precisely how you left it.

Hibernation Mode

Its recommend for your Laptop Battery that you use hibernation mode when you are away for a long period of time. What does Hibernation mode do? Its shuts down your computer to save power, but it first saves everything in your memory on your hard disk. Once you restart your computer, your desktop will be restored back to how you left it.

How to Choose Standby/Hibernation Mode

  • First you choose Start
  • Go to Turn Off Computer in Windows
  • Your options are Stand By, Off and Restart
  • Click Stand by for Stand By Mode
  • Place the your Cursor over Stand By, the hold down Shift and Click for Hibernation Mode

With these tips, your Laptop Battery should last a lot longer!

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