Battery Care

How To Correctly Charge A New Replacement Laptop Battery

With a little bit of technological knowledge, both new laptop batteries and replacement laptop batteries can be manually charged with a current limiting and user-adjustable voltage power supply. Keep in mind you must “manually” charge the batteries. Why manual? The reason is that the charging of these new and replacement laptop batteries should never be… read more

How and When to Charge Your Battery

In all that is batteries, the types available vary and with each one having its own set of needs and functionality, it can be confusing for the common person to keep things straight. The overall purpose of any type of battery is to supply energy to whatever it is attached to so that the object… read more

What’s Best for my Laptop Battery? Sleep or Hibernation Mode?

Find out what’s the best way for your Laptop Battery to either use sleep or Hibernation Mode. With these tips you will be able to use your Laptop Battery more effectively and efficiently! Standby Mode It’s recommend for your Laptop Battery that you use Standby Mode when you are away from your Laptop for a… read more