Battery Replacement

How To Correctly Charge A New Replacement Laptop Battery

With a little bit of technological knowledge, both new laptop batteries and replacement laptop batteries can be manually charged with a current limiting and user-adjustable voltage power supply. Keep in mind you must “manually” charge the batteries. Why manual? The reason is that the charging of these new and replacement laptop batteries should never be… read more

How to Rate Laptop Battery Runtime

Significant Power Issues New Laptop Battery and Replacement Laptop Battery Manufacturers Must Address To Boost Runtimes Not too long ago, the battery industry (new laptop battery, replacement laptop battery, cell phone battery, etc.) was able to get by with lenient criteria when stating runtimes. Every manufacturer has their own technique, typically going with the lightest… read more

Is It Possible to Restore my Replacement Battery?

Many people have been asking whether there is a way for them to restore their batteries and the answer always depends on the condition of the battery. However, battery failure is most of the time without a solution. Some cases like sulfation to lead acid battery, crystalline formation in nickel cadmium and sleeping lithium-ion packs… read more