Battery Restoration

How and When to Charge Your Battery

In all that is batteries, the types available vary and with each one having its own set of needs and functionality, it can be confusing for the common person to keep things straight. The overall purpose of any type of battery is to supply energy to whatever it is attached to so that the object… read more

What to know about OEM Quality Laptop Batteries

Buying a replacement battery for your laptop presents a myriad of challenges for almost anyone. Aside from the fact that you have to decipher your way through the technical jargon, once you finally figure out which battery you need, you will soon come to discover that this purchase can break the bank. Laptop batteries are not an… read more

Discharging at High and Low Temperatures

Batteries, whether they are new laptop batteries or replacement laptop batteries – are not much different than humans; both of them function better at room temperatures. And, a deviation toward cold or hot will change the batteries’ durability and performance. Temperature is a Factor in the Operation of Both New Laptop Batteries and Replacement Laptop… read more

How to Make Your Laptop Battery Last Longer

Making your new laptop battery last longer has always been a common question asked by many laptop users. Though you have the same brand of laptop as your friends or relatives you may somehow wonder what is it that makes your battery life drain faster than others. There could be several reasons why your battery… read more

Is It Possible to Restore my Replacement Battery?

Many people have been asking whether there is a way for them to restore their batteries and the answer always depends on the condition of the battery. However, battery failure is most of the time without a solution. Some cases like sulfation to lead acid battery, crystalline formation in nickel cadmium and sleeping lithium-ion packs… read more

Is My Laptop Battery Really Dying?

When dealing with replacement laptop batteries, it can be important to understand whether or not battery failure is real or if your misunderstood perception of your specific battery performance is causing you to think that you need a new laptop battery. Typically battery manufacturers specify battery performance utilizing industry-standard methods. For example, a battery that… read more